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Препринты Программы фундаментальных исcледований


WP BRP Series: Education / EDU

Series Managing Editor: Ilya A. Prakhov 

Olga Y. Rotar "An Exploratory Analysis Of The Determinants Of Mooc Authorship Among Russian Academics", Series: Education, WP BRP 65/EDU/2022
Опубликован 14.06.2022



Olga Y. Rotar "Stakeholder Partnerships In Online Learning Design: A Systematic Literature Review", Series: Education, WP BRP 64/EDU/2021 
Опубликован 30.12.2021


Olga Y. Rotar, Carin Peller-Semmens "Shifting Goalposts: Lessons Learnt From The Experiences Of Learning Designers Adaptating To The Covid-19 Pandemic And A Future Post-Pandemic Working Environment", Series: Education, WP BRP 63/EDU/2021
Опубликован 30.11.2021


Anastasia A. Byvaltseva, Anna A. Panova "Ways To Succeed At Different Types Of Universities", Series: Education, WP BRP 62/EDU/2021
Опубликован 19.10.2021



Yulia A. Seliverstova "Early Childhood Education In Russia: The Interrelation Of Income Level And Parental Investment", Series: Education, WP BRP 61/EDU/2021
Опубликован 08.09.2021



Aleksandra Mikhaylova, Roman Zvyagintsev, Мarina Pinskaya, Lorin Anderson "Differences in School Effectiveness Between Resilient and Struggling Russian Schools", Series: Education, WP BRP 60/EDU/2021
Опубликован 25.06.2021



Marina S. Telezhkina, Andrey G. Maksimov "Does Technological Development Explain Higher Education Expansion?", Series: Education, WP BRP 59/EDU/2020 
Опубликован 10.11.2020



Polina Bugakova,Ilya Prakhov "Regional Accessibility Of Higher Education In Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 58/EDU/2020 
Опубликован 30.09.2020



Denis Federiakin "Investigating The Cross-National Comparability Of Testing Using Response Times", Series: Education, WP BRP 57/EDU/2020
Опубликован 28.02.2020



Pavlenko S. Ekaterina «I Didn’t Know You Can’t Plan So Far Ahead»: Symbolic Logics Behind The Choice Of Vocational Education In Russia», Series: Education, WP BRP 56/EDU/2020
Опубликован 04.02.2020



Natalia N. Karmaeva, Natalya V. Rodina "The Implementation Of Performance-Related Pay In Collaboration With Employers: The Cases Of Two Russian Vocational Schools", Series: Education, WP BRP 55/EDU/2019
Опубликован 19.12.2019



Olga Kotomina, Ilya Prakhov, Alexandra Sazhina "Parental Involvement And The Educational Strategies Of Youth In Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 53/EDU/2019 
Опубликован 22.11.2019



Tatiana Khavenson, Diana Koroleva, Anastasia Lukina "The Four Motives Of Educational Innovators", Series: Education, WP BRP 52/EDU/2019
Опубликован 24.07.2019


Elena Minina "Formalizing The Unformalizable": Discursive Resistance To Unified State Examination By The Teacher Community", Series: Education, WP BRP 51/EDU/2019 
Опубликован 02.07.2019

Ilya Prakhov, "The Determinants Of Expected Returns On Higher Education In Russia: A Human Capital Theory Perspective", Series: Education, WP BRP 50/EDU/2019
Опубликован 30.05.2019

Nataliya Matveeva, Ivan Sterligov, Maria Yudkevich "The Russian University Excellence Initiative: Is It Really Excellence That Is Promoted?", Series: Education, WP BRP 49/EDU/2019
 (PDF, 1.32 Мб)
Опубликован 20.05.2019


Olga Alipova, Lada Litvinova, Andrey Lovakov, Maria Yudkevich "Inbreds And Non-Inbreds Among Russian Academics: Short-Term Similarity And Long-Term Differences In Productivity", Series: Education, WP BRP 48/EDU/2018
Опубликован 02.11.2018

Ilya Prakhov, Victor Rudakov "The Determinants of Faculty Pay in Russian Universities: Incentive Contracts", Series: Education, WP BRP 47/EDU/2018
Опубликован 10.09.2018

Olga Kotomina, Aleksandra Sazhina "Exploring Emotional Intelligence in Higher Education: Management Programme Students in Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 46/EDU/2018

Опубликован 30.05.2018

Ilya Prakhov, Denis Sergienko, "Matching between Students and Universities: What are the Sources of Inequalities of Access to Higher Education?", Series: Education, WP BRP 45/EDU/2017

Опубликован 21.11.2017

Nataliya N. Matveeva, Oleg V. Poldin "How Network Characteristics of Researchers Relate to Their Citation Indicators – a Co-Authorship Network Analysis Based on Google Scholar", Series: Education, WP BRP 44/EDU/2017

Опубликован 29.09.2017

Galina S. Larina, Valeriya M. Markina "Teachers’ Beliefs About Student Diversity: Exclusive and Inclusive Models", Series: Education, WP BRP 43/EDU/2017
Опубликован 31.08.2017

 Farida Zagirova, "Changing the Role and Responsibilities of Middle Managers: A Case Study of the Implications of 'Project 5-100' at a Russian University", Series: Education, WP BRP 42/EDU/2017
Опубликован 13.07.2017

Alexey A. Egorov, Oleg V. Leshukov, Alexander D. Gromov, "The Role of Universities in Economic Development of Russian Regions", Series: Education, WP BRP 41/EDU/2017
Опубликован 15.05.2017

Alexander D. Gromov, "The Efficiency of Russian Higher Education Institutions and its Determinants", Series: Education, WP BRP 40/EDU/2017 (PDF, 495 Кб)
Опубликован 24.01.2017

Elena V. Minina, "Money Versus the Soul: Neoliberal Economics in the Education Modernisation Reform of Post-Soviet Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 39/EDU/2016 (PDF, 858 Кб)
Опубликован 30.12.2016

Daria K. Khodorenko, Vera V. Titkova, "Extracurricular Sport and Risk Behaviour: Are They Related?", Series: Education, WP BRP 38/EDU/2016 (PDF, 674 Кб)
Опубликован 18.11.2016

Semenova Tatiana "Participation in Massive Open Online Courses: The Effect of Learner Motivation and Engagement on Achievement", Series: Education, WP BRP 37/EDU/2016 (PDF, 478 Кб)
Опубликован 14.10.2016

Elena A. Nikolayenko, Liudmila M. Filatova, "University Revenue within a New Structure of Resources", Series: Education, WP BRP 36/EDU/2016
Опубликован 04.10.2016

Yulia V. Kuzmina, "Can Teacher Practices Reduce the Gender Gap in Mathematics Interest for Students with Different Achievements?", Series: Education, WP BRP 35/EDU/2016 (PDF, 692 Кб)
Опубликован 09.09.2016

Ilya Prakhov, Maria Bocharova, "Socio-Economic Predictors of Student Mobility", Series: Education, WP BRP 34/EDU/2016 (PDF, 781 Кб) 
Опубликован 28.06.2016

Ekaterina V. Krekhovets, Liudmila A. Leonova, "Social Ties of University Students: Evidence from a Longitudinal Survey in Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 33/EDU/2016 (PDF, 781 Кб) (PDF, 783 Кб)
Опубликован 03.06.2016

Olga Gorelova, Andrey Lovakov, "Academic Inbreeding and Research Productivity Of Russian Faculty Members", Series: Education, WP BRP 32/EDU/2016 (PDF, 781 Кб)
Опубликован 10.05.2016

Gerasim A. Mkrtychyan, "Entrepreneurial University Culture: The Clash of Values And Resistance to Change", Series: Education, WP BRP 31/EDU/2016 (PDF, 695 Кб)
Опубликован 13.04.2016

Oleg V. Poldin, Tania P. Simoes,Marcelo Knobel, Maria M. Yudkevich, "Estimation of Peer Effects with Predicted Social Ties: Evidence from Two Universities in Brazil and Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 30/EDU/2015
Download PDFОпубликован 10.11.2015  

Oleg V. Leshukov, Daria P. Platonova, Dmitry S. Semyonov, "Does Competition Matter? The Efficiency of Regional Higher Education Systems and Competition: The Case of Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 29/EDU/2015 
Download PDFОпубликован 21.10.2015  

Elena Y. Kardanova, Ekaterina S. EnchikovaShi H., Johnson N., Lydia O. Liu, Liyang Mao, Prashant Loyalka, "Constructing Tests that Can Measure and Compare the Maths and Physics Skills of Engineering Students in Russia and China", Series: Education, WP BRP 28/EDU/2015
Download PDF Опубликован 03.09.2015  

Daniel AlexandrovKsenia TenishevaSvetlana Savelyeva, "Safe Mobility: University after Technical College Pathway", Series: Education, WP BRP 27/EDU/2015 
Download PDF
Опубликован 15.05.2015   

Olga B. Savinskaya, “The Parents’ Values of Early Childhood Education and Care in Russia: Toward the Construction of Evaluation Tools”,  Series: Education, WP BRP 26/EDU/2015
Download PDF
Опубликован 28.04.2015  

Tamara I. Petrova, Daniel A. Alexandrov, “Socio-Economic Factors for Reading Performance in Pirls: Income Inequality and Segregation by Achievements", Series: Education, WP BRP 25/EDU/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 11.03.2015 

Sergey  Yu. Roshchin, Victor N. Rudakov, “Russian University Students And The Combination Of Study And Work: Is It All About Earning, Learning Or Job Market Signaling?”, Series: Education, WP BRP 24/EDU/2015

Опубликован 18.02.2015
Обновлен 13.07.2018

Julia Kuzmina, Martin Carnoy, “The Effectiveness Of Vocational Versus General Secondary Education: Evidence From Pisa 2012 For Countries With Early Trackin”Series: Education, WP BRP 23/EDU/2015
Download PDF
Опубликован 06.02.2015

Martin Carnoy, Tatiana Khavenson, Leandro Costa, Izabel Fonseca, Luana Marotta, “Is Brazilian Education Improving? A Comparative Foray Using Pisa And Saeb Brazil Test Scores”, Series: Education, WP BRP 22/EDU/2014

Download PDF
Опубликован 17.12.2014  

Diana M. Yanbarisova, “Combining University Studies With Work: Influence On Academic Achievement”, Series: Education, WP BRP 21/EDU/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 09.12.2014 


Kardanova Elena, Ivanova Alina, Merrell Christine, Hawker David, Tymms Peter,“The Role Of The Ipips Assessment In Providing High Quality Value Added Information On School And System Effectiveness Within And Between Countries”, Series: Education, WP BRP 20/EDU/2014
See the abstract

Опубликован 09.12.2014 

Ilya Prakhov
, “The Barriers Of Access To Elite Higher Education In Russia”
,  Series: Education, WP BRP 19/EDU/2014
Download PDF 

Опубликован 05.12.2014 

Ilya A. Prakhov, “The Dynamics Of Investment In Pre-Entry Coaching And The Returns From Private Tutoring In Russia”, Series: Education, WP BRP 18/EDU/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 20.11.2014

Daria P. Platonova, Dmitry S. Semyonov, “Program Diversification And Specialization In Russian Higher Education Institutions”, Series: Education, WP BRP 17/EDU/2014  

Download PDFОпубликован 17.11.2014  

Ivan Pavlyutkin
, “University Merger And Sensemaking At The Threshold: Understanding Radical Organizational Change In Higher Education”, Series: Education,
 WP BRP 16/EDU/2014

Download PDF
Опубликован 15.10.2014  

Andrey Zakharov, Prashant Loyalka, "Does shadow education help students prepare for college?", Series: Education, WP BRP 15/EDU/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 27.01.2014 

Yulia Tyumeneva, Alena Valdman, Martin Karnoy, "How well do you need to know it to use it?", Series: Education, WP BRP 14/EDU/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 27.01.2014  

Andrey Zakharov, Martin Carnoy, Prashant Loyalka "Which teaching practices improve student performance on high-stakes exams? Evidence from Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 13/EDU/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 01.10.2013

Andrey Ampilogov, Ilya PrakhovMaria Yudkevich "One or Many? Using the New Opportunities of the Unified State Exam in Russian University Admissions", Series: Education, WP BRP 12/EDU/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 16.09.2013

Alexey Bessudnov, Alexey Makarov "Gender differences in mathematical performance and the school context: Evidence from Russia", Series: Education, WP BRP 11/EDU/2013
See the article
Опубликован 15.05.2013

Vera Titkova
, Valeria Ivaniushina, Daniel Alexandrov "Sociometric popularity in a school context", Series: Education, WP BRP 10/EDU/2013

Download PDF
Опубликован 02.03.2013

Valeria Ivaniushina
, Daniel Alexandrov "Different levels of social organization in the formation of anti-school attitudes among adolescents", Series: Education, WP BRP 09/EDU/2013

Download PDF Опубликован 02.03.2013

Yulia Tyumeneva
, Yulia Kuzmina "The Effect of One Extra Year of Schooling on Pisa Results: a Case of Countries with Different Tracking Systems", Series: Education, WP BRP 08/EDU/2012

Download PDF Опубликован 21.12.2012


Timur Natkhov, Natalia Kozina "Inequality of educational opportunity in a cross-section of countries. Empirical analysis of 2009 PISA data", Series: Education, WP BRP 07/EDU/2012
Download PDF Опубликован 22.11.2012


Tatiana KhavensonYulia Tyumeneva "Teacher Characteristics and Student Achievements in TIMSS. Findings Gained from Applying the "First-Difference" Method to TIMSS-2007 Data", Series: Education, WP BRP 06/EDU/2012

Download PDF Опубликован 23.05.2012


Andrey Aistov "Is Education a Signal on the Russian Labour Market?", Series: Education, WP BRP 05/EDU/2012
Download PDF Опубликован 03.04.2012

Ilya PrakhovMaria Yudkevich " University Admission In Russia: Do the Wealthier Benefit from Standardized Exams?", Series: Education, WP BRP 04/EDU/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 03.04.2012


Gregory Androushchak, Oleg Poldin, Maria Yudkevich "Peer Effects in Exogenously Formed University Student Groups", Series: Education, WP BRP 03/EDU/2012

Download PDF Опубликован 12.03.2012


Martin Carnoy, Prashant Loyalka, Gregory Androushchak, Anna Proudnikova "The Economic Returns to Higher Education in the BRIC Countries and their Implications for Higher Education Expansion",  Sеries: Education, WP BRP 02/EDU/2011
Download PDF Опубликован 17.01.2012

 John V.C. Nye, Gregory Androushchak, Desirée Desierto, Garett Jones, Maria Yudkevich "2D:4D Asymmetry and Academic Performance: Evidence from Moscow and Manilа", Sеries: Education, WP BRP 01/EDU/2011

Download PDF Опубликован 04.10.2011


 Any opinions or claims contained in these Working Papers do not necessarily reflect the views of HSE

Which teaching practices improve student performance on high-stakes exams?

Evidence from Russia


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