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WP BRP Series: Psychology / PSY

Series Managing Editor:  Ерицян Ксения Юрьевна

Maria A. Maricheva, Vadim A. Petrovsky "The Value Of Choice And Non-Choice As A Psychological Characteristic Of Money", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 139/PSY/2024 
Опубликован 02.02.2024 



Andrey Y. Timashkov, Ilya N. Abrosimov, Vladimir M. Yaltonsky "Illness perception and self-management in patients with type 2 diabetes", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 138/PSY/2023
Опубликован 29.12.2023


Sergey S. Andreev, Viktor V. Moskvoretskiy, Alexey A. Gorin, Oksana O. Zinchenko "Grapheme-Color Synesthesia Induction With V4 Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 137/PSY/2023

Опубликован 29.09.2023

Elaheh Khezri, Alexander Tatarko "Psychometric Properties And Validation Of The Persian Version Of The Status-Based Identity Uncertainty Scale In Iran", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 136/PSY/2023

Опубликован 29.09.2023

Yulia Kuzmina, Elen Yusupova "The Numerical Ratio Effect For Digits And Number Words: The Lack Of Individual Differences", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 135/PSY/2023

Опубликован 10.05.2023

Olga Rubtsova, Elena Gorbunova "Categorization Of Illustrated Emotions In Visual Storytelling Context", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 134/PSY/2022

Опубликован 23.11.2022

Опубликован 11.11.2022

Опубликован 30.08.2022

Опубликован 14.06.2022

Elena V. Sautkina, Fatikha B. Agissova, Alexandra A. Ivanova, Kingsley S. Ivande, Veronika S. Kabanova, Natalia A. Patrakova Political, "Environmental And Social Determinants Of Pro-Environmental Behaviour In Russia", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 130/PSY/2021
Опубликован 29.12.2021

Anastasia A. Anufrieva, Elena S. Gorbunova "Cognitive Functions In The Digital Environment: Working Memory And Attention Under Real And Digital Conditions", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 129/PSY/2021 
Опубликован 30.11.2021

Anton Angelgardt, Elena S. Gorbunova, Maria Chumakova "An Assessment Of Trust In Artificial Intelligent Agents: Tool Development", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 128/PSY/2021
Опубликован 30.11.2021

Timofei A. Berezner, Elena S. Gorbunova "The Presence Of Images Does Not Moderate The Disfluency Effect", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 127/PSY/2021
Опубликован 10.11.2021



Milena M. Grishutina, Vasily Yu. Kostenko "Variety Of Possible Selves: The Role Of Agency And Empirical Evidence Review", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 126/PSY/2021 
Опубликован 07.10.2021

Evgeny N. Osin, Elena Yu. Voevodina, Vasily Yu. Kostenko "Eudaimonia Involves Complexity: Ego Development And Eudaimonic Functioning", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 125/PSY/2021

Опубликован 26.08.2021



Ksenia Gorbatova, Grigoriy Anufriev, Elena Gorbunova "The Perceptual Load Effect On Target Detection In Banner Blindness", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 122/PSY/2020
Опубликован 11.12.2020

Ekaterina Suchkova, Dmitry Lyusin "The Influence Of Natural And Induced Emotional States On The Recognition Of Emotional Facial Expressions", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 121/PSY/2020 

Опубликован 06.11.2020

Galina Larina, Yulia Kuzmina, Georgijs Kanonirs "The Precision Of Symbolic Numerical Representation In Verbal Format Has An Indirect Effect On Math Performance In First Grade", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 120/PSY/2020 

Опубликован 08.10.2020

Olga Rubtsova, Elena Gorbunova "The Effect Of Categorical Superiority In Subsequent Search Misses", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 119/PSY/2020 
Опубликован 08.10.2020

Abdul-Raheem Mohammed, Dmitry Lyusin "Negative Mood Impairs Updating Of Affective Information", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 118/PSY/2020

Опубликован 07.07.2020

Elena B. Starovoytenko "Models Of The Dialogical Achievement Of The I’s Self-Identity", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 117/PSY/2020

Опубликован 17.06.2020

Beatriz Bermúdez-Margaretto, Grigory Kopytin, Andriy Myachykov, Mikhail Pokhoday, Yury Shtyrov "Orthographic Learning In L1 And L2 Alphabets: The Impact Of Phonological Inconsistency Across Cyrillic And Roman Scripts", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 116/PSY/2020

Опубликован 20.05.2020

Beatriz Bermúdez-Margaretto, David Beltrán, Yury Shtyrov, Alberto Dominguez, Fernando Cuetos "Brain Dynamics Reflects Phonological And Semantic Top-Down Influences During Orthographic Processing Of Novel Word Forms", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 115/PSY/2020

Опубликован 20.05.2020

Federico Gallo, Nikolay Novitskiy, Andriy Myachykov, Yury Shtyrov "Individual Differences In Bilingual Experience Modulate Executive Control Network And Performance: Behavioral And Structural Neuroimaging Evidence", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 114/PSY/2020

Опубликован 15.01.2020

Опубликован 23.12.2019


Vera A. Fedotova "Hardiness Of Different Generations Of Russian People", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 112/PSY/2019
Опубликован 28.11.2019


Ekaterina Kodja, Tatiana Ryabichenko "The Relationship Between Social Identities, Acculturation Strategies And The Psychological Well-Being Of Young Russians In Latvia And Crimean Tatars In Crimea", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 111/PSY/2019
Опубликован 28.11.2019


Elena R. Agadullina, Olga A. Gulevich, Maria A. Terskova "Primary And Secondary Emotions As An Instrument To Measure Implicit Prejudice", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 110/PSY/2019 
Опубликован 28.11.2019



Опубликован 27.11.2019


Maria A. Bultseva, Nadezhda M. Lebedeva "The Relationship Between Intercultural Interactions At University And The Creativity Of Russian Students: The Role Of Intercultural Competence ", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 108/PSY/2019
Опубликован 19.11.2019



Nataliya V. Ilyushina, Yulia V. Kuzmina, Diana N. Kaiky "The Deficit Of Phonological Processing Associated With Both Maths And Reading Difficulties Rather Than Separate Maths Or Reading Difficulties", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 107/PSY/2019
Опубликован 14.06.2019

 Tadamasa Sawada "A Computational Model That Recovers Depth From Stereo-Input Without Using Any Oculomotor Information", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 106/PSY/2019
Опубликован 18.03.2019


 Irina S. Prusova, Olga A. Gulevich "The Effect Of Mortality Salience On Attitudes Toward National Outgroups", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 105/PSY/2019
Опубликован 20.02.2019

 Yulia V. Kuzmina Diana N. Kaiky Alina E. Ivanova "The Effect Of Phonological Ability On Math Is Modulated By Socioeconomic Status In Elementary School", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 104/PSY/2018

Опубликован 29.12.2018


 Lilit G. Dulyan, Igor S. Utochkin "The Effect Of Attentional Load On Crowding", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 102/PSY/2018
Опубликован 27.11.2018


 Yuri A. Markov, Natalia A. Tiurina, Igor S. Utochkin "Different features are stored independently in visual working memory but mediated by object-based representations", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 101/PSY/2018
Опубликован 14.11.2018

 Maria A. Bultseva, Nadezhda M. Lebedeva "The Role Of Individual Values And Motivation In Creative Behavior In Micro-Domains Of Literary Creativity: Prose And Poetry Writing", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 100/PSY/2018

Опубликован 02.11.2018

 Ivan I. Ivanchei, Alexey Asvarisch "The Nature Of Affect In The Structural Mere Exposure Effect", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 99/PSY/2018
Опубликован 31.10.2018


 Ekaterina Maklasova, Alexander Tatarko "Relationship Between Personality Meta-Traits And Negotiation Styles", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 98/PSY/2018

Опубликован 18.10.2018

 Ekaterina Kodja, Nadezhda Lebedeva "The Role Of Multiple Identities And Acculturation Strategies In Psychological Well-Being Of Crimean Tatars", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 97/PSY/2018
Опубликован 18.10.2018

 Anna S. Gracheva, Ekaterina O. Ivanina, Yuri A. Markov, Elena S. Gorbunova, "Search For Familiar And Dangerous: Not Seeing Gopnik In The Crowd", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 96/PSY/2018

Опубликован 18.10.2018

 Maria Terskova, Elena Agadullina "Perceived Intelligence And Long-Term Stigmatization Of Dirty Workers", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 95/PSY/2018
Опубликован 18.10.2018


 Liya Merzon, Georgiy Zhulikov, Tatiana Malevich, Sofia Krasovskaya, Joseph MacInnes "Temporal Limitations Of The Standard Leaky Integrate And Fire Model", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 94/PSY/2018

Опубликован 10.10.2018

Опубликован 08.10.2018

Опубликован 18.09.2018

 Vasily Minkov, Tadamasa Sawada "Seeing a Triangle in a 3d Scene Monocularly and Binocularly", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 91/PSY/2018
Опубликован 27.08.2018

 Ekaterina Koshmanova, Tadamasa Sawada "Perceiving Perpendicular and Parallel Contours in the Frontoparallel Plane", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 90/PSY/2018
Опубликован 07.06.2018

 Dmitry Lyusin "A Three-Dimensional Model of the Affect Structure Based on Russian Data", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 89/PSY/2018
Опубликован 04.04.2018

 Dmitry Lyusin, Abdul-Raheem Mohammed "Are Emotionally Intelligent People More Emotionally Stable? An Experience Sampling Study", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 88/PSY/2018

Опубликован 26.01.2018

 Denis A. Federiakin, Eugenia A. Aleksandrova "Investigating the Dimensionality of TORR: A Replication Study", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 87/PSY/2017
Опубликован 31.12.2017

 Maxim A. Ulanov, Yury Y. Shtyrov, Tatiana A. Stroganova "Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation as a Tool to Induce Language Recovery in Patients with Post-Stroke Aphasia: An Overview of Studies", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 86/PSY/2017

Опубликован 01.12.2017

 W. Joseph MacInnes, Roopali Bhatnagar "Where Does Attention Go When Facilitation is Absent?", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 85/PSY/2017
Опубликован 22.11.2017

 Elena S. Gorbunova, Kirill S. Kozlov, Sofia Tkhan Tin Le, Ivan M. Makarov "Object and Spatial Working Memory in Visual Search for Multiple Targets", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 84/PSY/2017
Опубликован 16.11.2017

 Konstantin G. Soldatnikov, Dmitry A. Leontiev "The Quality of Motivation in Learning and Leisure Activities, and Their Accompanying Experience", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 83/PSY/2017
Опубликован 15.11.2017

 Anna K. Fam, Dmitry A. Leontiev, Evgeny N. Osin, "‘Fateful’ vs. ‘Everyday’ Choices: Qualitative Differences in Choice Situations and the Dimensions of Choicework", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 82/PSY/2017
Опубликован 10.11.2017

 Natalia A. Zhozhikashvili, Yulia M. Nurislamova, Nikita A. Novikov, Vladimir A. Medvedev, Elena G. Chernysheva, Ivan E. Lazarev, Boris V. Chernyshev "Theta, Alpha and Beta Band Modulations During Auditory Condensation Task Performance", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 81/PSY/2017
Опубликован 19.10.2017

 Mikhail Pokhoday, Christoph Scheepers, Yury Shtyrov, Andriy Myachykov "Motor (But Not Auditory) Attention Affects Syntactic Choice", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 80/PSY/2017

Опубликован 10.10.2017

 Yuri A. Markov, Igor S. Utochkin, "The Effect of Object Distinctiveness on Object-Location Binding in Visual Working Memory", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 79/PSY/2017
Опубликован 06.10.2017

 Igor S. Utochkin, Vladislav A. Khvostov, Yulia M. Stakina "Ensemble-Based Segmentation in the Perception of Multiple Feature Conjunctions", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 78/PSY/2017

Опубликован 27.09.2017

Опубликован в виде статьи

 Anastasia Nedelko, Olga Lupova, Alexey Gorin, Alexandra Kuznetsova, Vasily Klucharev, Anna Shestakova "An Analysis of Brand Association Perception Using N400 Evoked Potential", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 77/PSY/2017

Опубликован 30.08.2017

Опубликован 19.06.2017

Опубликован 13.04.2017

 Alexander Tatarko, Anna Mironova, "Electoral Choices and Basic Values of Russians", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 72/PSY/2017
Опубликован 09.02.2017

 Alexandra A. Bochaver, Anna N. Korzun, Katerina N. Polivanova, "Kids, Streets, and Activities", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 71/PSY/2016
Опубликован 30.12.2016

Boris V. Chernyshev, Vladimir A. Medvedev, "Event-Related Potential Study of P2 and N2 Components on Fast and Slow Responses in the Auditory Condensation Task", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 70/PSY/2016 (PDF, 770 Кб)
Опубликован 27.12.2016

Elena B. Starovoytenko, Angela A. Derbeneva, "The “Conversation Partner” Phenomenon in the Dialogical I-Other Relationship", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 69/PSY/2016 (PDF, 445 Кб)
Опубликован 13.12.2016

Dmitrii Dubrov, Alexander Tatarko, "Intergenerational Transmission of Values in Urban and Rural Area (the Case of Russia)", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 68/PSY/2016 (PDF, 414 Кб)
Опубликован 13.12.2016

Elena Krugliakova, Alexey Gorin, Anna Shestakova, Tommaso Fedele, Aleksandra Kuznetsova, Vasily Klucharev "Asymmetric Modulation of Frn by the Probability and Value of Outcomes in Auditory Mid Task", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 67/PSY/2016 (PDF, 897 Кб) 
Опубликован 13.12.2016

Ekaterina A. Orel, Alena A. Kulikova, "Children with Behavioral Problems in the First Grade of Russian School: Similarities and Differences", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 66/PSY/2016 (PDF, 614 Кб) 
Опубликован 06.12.2016

Raisa Akifyeva, Alisa Alieva, "The Influence of Ethnicity on Teacher Expectations and Teacher Perceptions of Student Warmth and Competence", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 65/PSY/2016 (PDF, 637 Кб)
Опубликован 28.11.2016

Dmitry D. Suchkov, "The Self-Concordance Model: The Effects of Autonomy, Effort and Goal Progress on Subjective Well-Being in the Us and Russia", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 64/PSY/2016 (PDF, 483 Кб)
Опубликован 25.11.2016

Oksana O. Zinchenko, Elena V. Enikolopova, "The Impact of Executive Functions and Emotional Intelligence on Iowa Gambling Task Performance: Focus on Right Frontal Lobe Damage", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 63/PSY/2016 (PDF, 757 Кб)
Опубликован 22.11.2016

Alexander Tatarko, Anna Mironova, "Values and Attitudes Towards Corruption: А Cross-Cultural Study in Four European Countries", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 61/PSY/2016 (PDF, 588Кб)
Опубликован 07.06.2016

Dmitry Grigoryev, "Acculturation Profiles of Immigrants and Their Level of Socio-Economic Adaptation",  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 58/PSY/2016
 Download PDF
Опубликован 29.01.2016

Brun Irina, Ivanova Alina, Kardanova Elena, Orel Ekaterina, "Noncognitive Development of First Graders and Their Cognitive Performance", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 57/PSY/2016
 Download PDF
Опубликован 26.01.2016

Nikita A. Novikov, Dmitri V. Bryzgalov, Anna A. Lapina, Boris V. Chernyshev, "Condensation Task as an Experimental Model for Studying Individual Differences in Cognitive Control", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 56/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 22.12.2015

Elena Krugliakova, Alexey Gorin, Anna Shestakova, Vasily Klucharev, "Short-Term Plasticity in Auditory Cortical Circuit Evoked by Monetary Incentive Delay Task", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 55/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 22.12.2015

Zarina Lepshokova, Victoria GalyapinaNadezhda Lebedeva, "The Role of Religious Identity and Perceived Psychological Closeness in Parent-Child Value Similarity: Comparison of Religious Minority and Majority", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 54/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 22.12.2015

Vasily Kostenko, "What Kind of Self-Awareness Follows Growth: Facets of Reflection at Different Levels of Ego Development", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 53/PSY/2015

 Download PDF
Опубликован 08.12.2015

Alexey Ulanovsky
, "Workplace Coaching as an Organizational Intervention: Metaphors, Dynamics and Employee Experiences", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 51/PSY/2015
Опубликован 08.12.2015

Marco Colosio, Anna Shestakova, Vadim Nikulin, Anna Shpektor, Vasily Klucharev, "Neural Mechanisms of the Postdecisional Spreading-of-Alternatives Effect: Eeg Study",  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 50/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 08.12.2015

Olga V. Poluektova
, Maria V. Efremova, Seger M. Breugelmans, "Poverty and Psychology", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 49/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 04.12.2015

Kennon M. Sheldon, Evgeny N. Osin, Tamara O. GordeevaDmitry D. Suchkov, Vlaidslav V. Bobrov, Elena I. Rasskazova, Oleg A. Sychev, "Evaluating the Dimensionality of the Relative Autonomy Continuum in Us and Russian Samples", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 48/PSY/2015
Опубликован 30.11.2015

Tatiana Ryabichenko
,Nadezhda Lebedeva, "Motivation for Ethno-Cultural Continuity as a Predictor of Acculturation and Adaptation in Two Generations of Latvian Russians", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 47/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 30.11.2015

Maria Efremova
, Zarina Lepshokova, "Strength and Positivity of Religious Identification as Predictors of the Attitude Toward Economic Involvement Among Orthodox Christians and Sunni Muslims in Russia", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 46/PSY/2015
Опубликован 18.11.2015

Dmitry Leontiev
, Anna Fam, Evgeny Osin, Elena Ovchinnikova, "The Subjective Quality of Choice Technique: Qualitative Dimensions of Choice as a Self-Orientation Activity", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 45/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 02.11.2015

Vera A. Fedotova
, "Cultural Values as Predictors of Positive or Negative Attitude Towards Innovation Among Representatives of Various Generations of Russian People", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 44/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 22.10.2015

Victoria Galyapina, Nadezhda Lebedeva, "The Relationship between Social Identities and Acculturation Strategies of the Ethnic Minority and Majority in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania: An Intergenerational Analysis", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 43/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 21.10.2015

Anna Mironova
, "Trust as a Factor of Subjective Life Satisfaction", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 42/PSY/2015 
 Download PDF
Опубликован 14.10.2015

Sergey Yagolkovskiy
, Anatoliy V. Kharkhurin, "The Roles of Novelty and the Organization of Stimulus Material in Divergent Thinking", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 41/PSY/2015 

 Download PDF

Опубликован 14.10.2015

Vladimir F. Spiridonov, Emilia V. Ezrina, "The Interaction of Several Languages in the Cognitive System", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 40/PSY/2015 

 Download PDF
See the article
Опубликован 23.06.2015

Dmitry Lyusin, "The ANT in a Russian sample: Testing the independence of attention networks", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 39/PSY/2015
 Download PDF
Опубликован 15.06.2015

Alexey A. Kotov, Tatyana N. Kotova, Elizaveta V. Vlasova, "Preschoolers’ Inductive Selectivity as a Function of Implicit and Conceptual Learning",  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 38/PSY/2015 
 Download PDF
Опубликован 06.05.2015   

 Dmitry S. Grigoryev
, "Ethnic and Religious Identification, Acculturation Attitudes and the Socio-Economic Adaptation of Immigrants", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 37/PSY/2015       

 Download PDF
 Опубликован 30.04.2015     

Ponomareva A., Kardanova E., Hannula M. S., Pipere A, Lepik M., “Measurement of Cross-Cultural Differences in Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs in Russia, Latvia and Estonia”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 36/PSY/2015    
 Download PDF
Опубликован 03.04.2015    

 Alexey A. Kotov
, Liana B. Agrba, Elizaveta V. Vlasova, Tatyana N. Kotova, "The Role of Labels in Learning Statistically Dense and Statistically Sparse Categories", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 35/PSY/2015   
 Download PDF
Опубликован 19.03.2015   

Nadezhda M. Lebedeva, Ekaterina A. Bushina, “The Impact of Values, Gender and Education on Creative Behaviour in Different Domains in Russian Regions”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 34/PSY/2015   

 Download PDF
Опубликован 12.03.2015  

Evgeny N. Osin
, Anna V. Malyutina, Natalia V. Kosheleva, “Self-Transcendence Facilitates Meaning-Making and Flow Experience: Evidence from a Pilot Experimental Study”,  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 33/PSY/2015   

 Download PDF
Опубликован 11.03.2015 

Ekaterina I. Lytkina
, “Anomie And Alienation In The Post-Communist Area: A Reapplication Of The Middleton Scale In Russia And Kazakhstan”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 32/PSY/2015   

 Download PDF
Опубликован 20.02.2015

Dmitry Leontiev, Elena Rasskazova, “What Makes People Happy: Well-Being And Sources Of Happiness In Russian Students”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 31/PSY/2014  

 Download PDF
Опубликован 31.12.2014

Andrey V. Lovakov, “Antecedents And Consequences Of Organizational Commitment Among Russian University Teachers”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 30/PSY/2014 
 Download PDF
Опубликован 31.12.2014

Elena Stankovskaya, “Embodiment: Thoughts From An Existential-Analytical Perspective”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 29/PSY/2014 

 Download PDF
Опубликован 31.12.2014

Ivan E. Lazarev
, Darya V. Molchanova, Nikita A. Novikov, Anastasia S. Antonenko, Elena A. Arkhipova,  Galiya R. Khusyainova, Boris V. Chernyshev, “Prestimulus Alpha Oscialltions As An Index Of Increased Cognitive Control Under The Auditory Condensation Task”,  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 28/PSY/2014   
 Download PDF
Опубликован 23.12.2014

Nikita A. Novikov
, Dmitri V. Bryzgalov, Boris V. Chernyshev, “Prestimulus Frontal Midline Theta Reflects Increased Cognitive Control During Spontaneous Lapses Of Attention”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 27/PSY/2014  

 Download PDF
Опубликован 23.12.2014

Alyona A. Khaptsova
, Shalom H. Schwartz, “How Robust Is The Association Of Life Satisfaction With Value Congruence? A Study Of Constructed Socio-Demographic Groups In A Russian National Sample”,  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 26/PSY/2014 

 Download PDF
Опубликован 18.12.2014

Elena M. Ukolova
, Vladimir B. Shumskiy, “A Test Of Existential Motivations In Interpersonal Relationships”,  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 25/PSY/2014   

 Download PDF
Опубликован 15.12.2014

Yulia Tyumeneva
, Julia Kuzmina, Elena Kardanova, “IRT Analysis And Validation Of The Grit Scale: A Russian Investigation”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 24/PSY/2014

 Download PDF
Опубликован 18.11.2014

Sergey V. Chuvashov
, “Socio-Psychological Capital, Values And Emigration Intentions Of Russian Youth”,  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 23/PSY/2014 

 Download PDF
Опубликован 14.11.2014

Alexander N. Tatarko
, “Trust, Cooperative Behavior And Economic Success: When Trust Is The Capital Of The Person?”,  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 22/PSY/2014 

 Download PDF
Опубликован 10.11.2014

Peter Schmidt, Nadezhda N. Lebedeva, “Values, Efficacy And Trust As Determinants Of Innovative Organizational Behaviour In Russia”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 21/PSY/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 09.09.2014

Olga A. Gulevich, “Social Beliefs And Learning Motivation: Role Of Organizational Justice”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 20/PSY/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 04.08.2014

Dmitriy Podolskiy, "Measuring Adolescent Individual Values With Rating And Constant-Sum Scales", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 19/PSY/2014

 Download PDF
Опубликован 03.06.2014

Andrey Lovakov, Elena Agadullina, “A Hierarchical (Multicomponent) Model Of In-Group Identification: Examining In Russian Samples”, Series: Psychology, WP BRP 18/PSY/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 20.05.2014

Olga N. Molchanova, Tatyana Y. Nekrasova, "Development of the Russian version of the Contingencies of Self-Worth scale", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 17/PSY/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 17.03.2014

Dmitry Lyusin, Victoria Ovsyannikova, "A new videotest for measuring emotion recognition ability", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 16/PSY/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 12.02.2014

Elena Starovoytenko, "A model of “achieving oneself” in Relationship to the other", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 15/PSY/2013
 Download PDF
Опубликован 25.11.2013

Kolpachnikov V. V., "Client-centered and existential approaches: are they mostly similar or different?", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 14/PSY/2013
 Download PDF
Опубликован 11.11.2013

 Igor Utochkin "Conjunctions can guide attention through visual search", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 13/PSY/2013

 Download PDF
Опубликован 06.08.2013

Peter Schmidt
, Alexander Tatarko, Natalia Amerkhanova "Entrepreneurial intention, values, and the reasoned action approach: results from a Russian population survey", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 12/PSY/2013
 Download PDF
Опубликован 04.07.2013

Sergey Yagolkovskiy
"Cognitive stimulation of individual creativity in a group context: mediated and face-to-face idea sharing", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 11/PSY/2013
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Опубликован 27.06.2013

John Nye
, Ekaterina Orel, Ekaterina Kochergina "Big five personality traits and academic performance in Russian universities", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 10/PSY/2013
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Опубликован 15.05.2013

 Kirill Gavrilov "Risk, psychophysical numbing and value of individual and community lives: an empirical study", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 09/PSY/2013

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Опубликован 23.04.2013

Tatiana Butenko, Shalom Schwartz "Relations of the new circle of 19 values to behaviors", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 08/PSY/2013
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Опубликован 02.03.2013

 Elena Evina, Dzerassa Goyaeva, Platon Pronko, Boris Chernyshev "Exploratory MEG study of the illusory contour perception: positive and inverted effects", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 07/PSY/2013
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Опубликован 28.01.2013

Boris Chernyshev, Ivan Lazarev, Maksim IvanovEvgeniya Osokina, Alyona Vyazovtseva "Attentional Lapses under Decision-Making: an Event-Related Potential Study",  Series: Psychology, WP BRP 06/PSY/2012

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Опубликован 28.12.2012

Alexander Porshnev, Hartmut Giest, Anna Sircova "Cross-Cultural Comparison of Russian and German Students' Learning Motivation Traits", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 05/PSY/2012

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Опубликован 19.12.2012

 Tatiana Panyusheva, Maria Efremova "A validation study of a Russian version of the Schwartz Value Survey (SVS) using cognitive interviewing", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 04/PSY/2012

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Опубликован 06.12.2012

 Alexander Tatarko "Are Individual Value Orientations Related to Socio-Psychological Capital? A Comparative Analysis Data from Three Ethnic Groups in Russia", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 03/PSY/2012

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Опубликован 29.06.2012

Igor Utochkin "Towards a Formal Theory of a Distractor in Attentional Tasks", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 02/PSY/2012

 Download PDF 
Опубликован 25.06.2012

Boris Chernyshev, Ivan Lazarev, Elena Chernysheva, Evgeniya Osokina, Dina Ramendik "Event-related Potentials as Correlates of Attentional Resource Allocation in Dependence on Individual Differences", Series: Psychology, WP BRP 01/PSY/2012

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Опубликован 27.01.2012

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Oksana O. Zinchenko, Elena V. Enikolopova


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