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WP BRP Series: Sociology / SOC

Series Managing Editor:  Christian Fröhlich

Oleg S. Nagornyy, Olessia Y. Koltsova, "Mining Media Topics Perceived as Social Problems by Online Audiences: Use of a Data Mining Approach in Sociology", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 74/SOC/2017
Опубликован 15.05.2017

 Elena N. Gasiukova, Sergey A. Korotaev, "Precariousness in Russia: Attitudes, Work and Life Experience of Young Adults with Higher Education", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 73/SOC/2017
Опубликован 24.03.2017

 Dmytro Khutkyy "Social Development or Social Crisis: Modernization Theory Versus World-Systems Analysis", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 72/SOC/2017
Опубликован 06.03.2017

Yuri G. Rykov, Peter A. Meylakhs,Yadviga E. Sinyavskaya, "Network Structure of an Aids-Denailists Online Community: Identifying Core Members and the Risk Group", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 71/SOC/2016 (PDF, 847 Кб)
Опубликован 09.12.2016

Andrey Shcherbak, "A Recipe for Democracy? The Spread of the European Diet And Political Change", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 70/SOC/2016 (PDF, 1.23 Мб)
Опубликован 20.06.2016

Gordey Yastrebov, "Intergenerational Social Mobility in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia" Series: Sociology, WP BRP 69/SOC/2016
Download PDF
Опубликован 03.02.2016

Svetlana Biryukova, Oxana Sinyavskaya, Irina Nurimanova, "Estimating Effects of 2007 Family Policy Changes On Probability of Second and Subsequent Births in Russia" Series: Sociology, WP BRP 68/SOC/2016
Download PDF
Опубликован 03.02.2016

Olessia Y. Koltsova,
Galina I.Selivanova, "Explaining Offline Participation in a Social Movement with Online Data: The Case of Observers for Fair Elections", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 67/SOC/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 31.12.2015

Boris Sokolov, "Attitudinal Polarization Measurement Through (Ordered) Latent Class Analysis", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 66/SOC/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 14.12.2015

Sofia Dokuka
, Diliara Valeeva
Maria Yudkevich, "The Diffusion of Academic Achievements: Social Selection and Influence in Student Networks" Series: Sociology, WP BRP 65/SOC/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 09.09.2015

Andrey N. Scherbak
, "Does Milk Matter? Genetic Adaptation to Environment: The Effect of Lactase Persistence on Cultural Change", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 64/SOC/2015
Download PDF

Опубликован 24.07.2015

Alexander N. Tatarko, Anna Mironova, Sergey V. Chuvashov, "Does Ethnic Diversity Affect Social Capital in the Russian Context?", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 63/SOC/2015
See the abstract
Опубликован 02.06.2015

Marharyta Fabrykant, Vladimir Magun, “Grounded and Normative Dimensions of National Pride in Comparative Perspective”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 62/SOC/2015
Download PDF
Опубликован 28.04.2015

Olga I. Zeveleva, “The Discursive Construction of Co-Ethnic Migration”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 61/SOC/2015
Download PDF
Опубликован 05.03.2015

Anna Shirokanova, “Protestant Work Ethic Among The Muslims: Changeable Empirical Evidence”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 60/SOC/2015  

Download PDFОпубликован 18.02.2015

Anaël Labigne, Olga N. Kononykhina, Irina V. Mersianova, “In Search Of Critical Capacity: Exploring Attitudes Of NPO Leaders In Russia”,  Series: Sociology, WP BRP 59/SOC/2015 
Download PDF
Опубликован 17.02.2015

Anna Almakaeva, Eduard Ponarin, Christian Welzel, “Human Development And Generalized Trust: Multilevel Evidence”,  Series: Sociology, WP BRP 58/SOC/2014  
Опубликован 29.12.2014

Olessia Y. Koltsova, Sergei N. Koltcov, “When Location Does Not Matter: Membership And Networking In Online Communities Of Software Developers”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 57/SOC/2014 
Download PDF
Опубликован 23.12.2014

Azer G. Efendiev, Pavel S. Sorokin, Maria A. Kozlova, “Transformations In The Rural Life In Russian Belgorod Region In 2000-2013 Through “Modernization” Theoretical Perspective: Increasing Material Well-Being, Growing Individualism And Persisting Pessimism”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 56/SOC/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 12.12.2014

Gordey A. Yasterbov
, Alexey  R. Bessudnov, Marina A. Pinskaya, Sergey G. Kosaretsky, “Contextualizing Academic Performance In Russian Schools: School Characteristics, The Composition Of Student Body And Local Deprivation”,  Series: Sociology, WP BRP 55/SOC/2014  
 Download PDF
Опубликован 27.11.2014

Anton P. Kazun, Andrei A. Yakovlev, “Who Demands Collective Action In An Imperfect Institutional Environment? A Case-Study Of The Professional Community Of Attorneys In Russia”,  Series: Sociology, WP BRP 54/SOC/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 27.10.2014

Irina Mersianova, Natalya Ivanova, Irina Korneeva, “Russians’ Participation In Cash Donations: Factors And Level Of Involvement”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 53/SOC/2014
 Download PDF
Опубликован 22.10.2014

Maria Ravlik, “Determinants Of International Migration: A Global Analysis”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 52/SOC/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 02.10.2014

Maksim Rudnev, Vladimir Magun, Peter Schmidt, "The Stability Of The Value Typology Of Europeans: Testing Invariance With Confirmatory Latent Class Analysis", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 51/SOC/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 29.08.2014

Veronica Kostenko, Pavel Kuzmichev, Eduard Ponarin, “Attitudes Towards Gender Equality And Perception Of Democracy In The Arab World”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 50/SOC/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 25.08.2014

Ivan Pavlyutkin, Greg Yudin "Recording the ambiguity: the moral economy of debt books in a Russian small town", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 49/SOC/2014 
See the abstract
Опубликован 21.08.2014

Yuriy Savelyev "Modernization and Variations in Emancipative Values in European Societies in 1995-2008: Test of Inglehart’s Socialization Hypothesis", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 48/SOC/2014 
 Download PDF
Опубликован 13.08.2014

Zoya Kotelnikova, “Consumption Of Counterfeit Alcohol In Contemporary Russia: The Role Of Cultural And Structural Factors”, WP BRP 47/SOC/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 06.08.2014

Natalia Soboleva, "Gender Attitudes In The World Of Work: Cross-Cultural Comparison", WP BRP 46/SOC/2014
Download PDF
Опубликован 14.07.2014

Andrey Shcherbak, “Mutual Biological Social Evolution, Genetic Diversity And Social Change: The Case Of Alcohol And European Colonization”, WP BRP 45/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 04.07.2014

Dmytro Khutkyy, “Proactive Orientation And Individual Activism As Causes Of Personal Achievement And Subjective Well-Being”, WP BRP 44/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 27.06.2014

Valeria Ivaniushina, Daniel Alexandrov, "Disentangling Peer Influence On Multiple Levels", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 43/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 03.06.2014

Victoria I. Sakevich
, Boris P. Denisov, "Birth Control In Russia: Overcoming The State System Resistance", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 42/SOC/2014 
Download PDFОпубликован 02.06.2014

Dilyara Ibragimova, “Consumer Expectations Of Russian Populations: Cohort Analysis (1996–2009)”, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 41/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 12.05.2014

  Roman N. Abramov, "The History Of Sociological Research On Occupations And Professions In The Ussr 1960-80s: Ideological Frameworks And Analytical Resources", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 40/SOC/2014
Download PDF 
Опубликован 28.04.2014

Irina I. Krasnopolskaya, "Corporate Volunteering And Its Influence On Employee Civil Engagement In Russia", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 39/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 16.04.2014

 Julia Häuberer, Alexander Tatarko, "Network Composition, Individual Social Capital And Culture: Comparing Traditional And Post-Modernized Ethnic Groups", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 38/SOC/2014
See the abstract
Опубликован 09.04.2014

 Oleg Poldin, Diliara Valeeva, Maria Yudkevich, "Friendship And Study Assistance Ties Of University Students", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 37/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 26.03.2014

Alexey Bessudnov, "Parental Occupational Status And Labour Market Outcomes In Russia", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 36/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 12.03.2014

Kirill Zhirkov, "Development, culture, and attitudes to America: country-level predictors of anti-Americanism", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 35/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 11.02.2014

 Maria Kravtsova, Aleksey Oshchepkov, Cristian Welzel, "Corruption and social values: do postmaterialists justify bribery?", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 34/SOC/2014
Download PDFОпубликован 23.01.2014

Olessia Y. Koltsova, Sergei N. Koltcov, Sergey I. Nikolenko, "Comment-based discussion communities In the Russian livejournal and their topical coherence", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 33/SOC/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 31.12.2013

Ronald Inglehart, Roberto Foa, Eduard Ponarin, Christian Welzel, "Understanding the Russian malaise: The collapse and recovery of subjective  well-being in post-communist Russia", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 32/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 30.12.2013


Ronald F.Inglehart,
Svetlana Borinskaya, Anna Cotter, Jaanus Harro, Ronald C. Inglehart, Eduard Ponarin, Christian Welzel, "Genes, security, tolerance and happiness", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 31/SOC/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 30.12.2013

Amy C. Alexander, Christian Welzel, Ronald F. Inglehart, "Rising support for reproductive freedoms: emancipatory breakthroughs into a bulwark of tradition", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 30/SOC/2013 
Download PDFОпубликован 30.12.2013

Christian Welzel,
Ronald Inglehart, "Evolution, empowerment and emancipation: How societies ascend the utility ladder of freedoms", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 29/SOC/2013  
Download PDF
Опубликован 30.12.2013

Ronald Inglehart,
Christian Welzel, Bi Puranen, "Reinventing the Kantean Peace: The Emerging Mass Basis of Global Security", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 28/SOC/2013  
Download PDF
Опубликован 30.12.2013

Andrey Shcherbak, "Nationalism in the USSR: A historical and comparative perspective",  Series: Sociology, WP BRP 27/SOC/2013 
Download PDF
Опубликован 12.12.2013

Аlexandra А. MoskovskayaОleg А. Oberemko, Victoria L. Silaeva, Irina P. Popova, Inna B. Nazarova, Olga A. Peshkova, Marina V. Chernysheva, "Development of Professional Associations in Russia: A Research into Institutional Framework, Self-Regulation Activity, and Barriers to Professionalization",  Series: Sociology, WP BRP 26/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 21.11.2013

Alexander Tatarko, "Is individual social capital linked to the implementation of entrepreneurial intentions?", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 25/SOC/2013
See the abstract
Опубликован 12.09.2013


Anna Zudina "Do informal workers make an underclass? An analysis of subjective social status", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 24/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 05.09.2013

Vladimir Magun, Maksim Rudnev "Basic human values of Russians: both different from and similar to other Europeans", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 23/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 28.08.2013

Zoya Kotelnikova "Structural embeddedness and contractual relationships of chain stores and their suppliers in Russian emerging markets", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 22/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 23.07.2013

Julia Zelikova "Successful aging: a cross-national study of subjective well-being later in life", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 21/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 02.07.2013

Yana Roshchina
"To drink or not to drink: the microeconomic analysis of alcohol consumption in Russia in 2006-2010", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 20/SOC/2013
Download PDF

Опубликован 27.06.2013

Ksenia Tenisheva
, Daniel Alexandrov "Basking in the glory of schools: school characteristics and the self-concept of students in mathematics", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 19/SOC/2013
Download PDF

Опубликован 20.05.2013

Olga Gryaznova
"Factors affecting welfare attitudes in different types of welfare states: personal interests and values"
, Series: Sociology, WP BRP 18/SOC/2013
Download PDF

Опубликован 20.05.2013

Christopher S. Swader, Leon Kosals
"Post-socialist anomie through the lens of economic modernization and the formalization of social control", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 17/SOC/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 02.03.2013

Nadezhda Lebedeva, Lusine Grigoryan "Implicit theories of innovativeness: a cross-cultural analysis", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 16/SOC/2013
Download PDFОпубликован 02.03.2013

Oleg Poldin, Dilyara Valeeva, Maria Yudkevich "How social ties affect peer-group effects: a case of university students", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 15/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 21.02.2013

Kirill Maslinsky, Sergey Koltsov, Olessia Koltsova "Changes in the topical structure of russian-language livejournal:  the impact of elections 2011", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 14/SOC/2013
Download PDF
Опубликован 31.01.2013

Maksim Rudnev "Value adaptation to a new social environment: Impacts from country of birth and country of residence on values of intra-European migrants", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 13/SOC/2013
Download PDF

Опубликован 23.01.2013

Andrey Shevchuk, Denis Strebkov "Freelance contracting in the digital age: informality, virtuality and social ties", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 12/SOC/2012
Download PDF
Опубликован 07.11.2012

Dilyara Ibragimova "Money management in russian families", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 11/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 17.08.2012

Nadezhda LebedevaEkaterina OsipovaLiubov Cherkasova "Values and Social Capital as Predictors of Attitudes towards Innovation", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 10/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 07.06.2012

Roberto Foa, Anna Nemirovskaya, Elena Mostovova "Internal Empires I: Social Institutions of the Frontier", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 09/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 01.06.2012

Kirill Zhirkov, Maykel Verkuyten, Jeroen Weesie "World Politics and Support for Terrorism within Muslim Populations: Evidence from Muslim Countries and Western Europe", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 08/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 10.05.2012

Alexander Tatarko, Peter Schmidt "Social Capital and Attitudes towards Money", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 07/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 25.02.2012

Vladimir Magun, Maksim Rudnev, Peter Schmidt "Within and Between-Country Value Diversity in Europe: Latent Class Analysis", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 06/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 24.02.2012

Andrey Shcherbak  "Does Culture Matter? The Impact of Tolerance on Economic Modernization in a Comparative Perspective", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 05/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 22.02.2012

Nadezhda Lebedeva, Peter Schmidt "Values and Attitudes towards Innovation among Canadian, Chinese and Russian Students", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 04/SOC/2012
Download PDF Опубликован 20.02.2012

Nadezhda Lebedeva, Alexander Tatarko "Values of Russians: the Dynamics and Relations towards Economic Attitudes", Series: Sociology, WP BRP 03/SOC/2012
Download PDFОпубликован 18.02.2012

Vadim Radaev "Where Does the Demand for Regulation Come From? The State’s Return to the Retail Trade in Russia", Sеries: Sociology, WP BRP 02/SOC/2011  
Download PDFОпубликован 11.11.2011

Yegor Lazarev "Land, Votes, and Violence: Political Effects of the Insecure Property Rights over Land in Dagestan", Sеries: Sociology, WP BRP 01/SOC/2011
Download PDFОпубликован 20.10.2011

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