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Препринты Программы фундаментальных исcледований




WP BRP Series: Economics / EC

Series Managing Editor: Galina BesstremyannayaAlexander I. Tarasov



Mariia Evdokimova, Anastasia Stepanova "Students’ Propensity To Innovate: Correlates, Determinants, And Impact On GPA", Series: Economics, WP BRP 265/EC/2023
Опубликован 06.12.2023



Ilya B. Voskoboynikov "Living Standards In The Ussr During The Interwar Period", Series: Economics, WP BRP 264/EC/2023
Опубликован 01.12.2023



Daria Tabashnikova, Marina Sandomirskaia "The Optimal Design Of Elimination Tournaments With A Superstar", Series: Economics, WP BRP 263/EC/2023 
Опубликован 23.11.2023



Fedor Slepov, Sergey Kokovin "Equilibrium existence and uniqueness in additive trade models", Series: Economics, WP BRP 262/EC/2023
Опубликован 22.11.2023



Vasily V. Gusev "The punctuality stability of the Nash equilibrium: the advantage of a late player in potential and aggregative games", Series: Economics, WP BRP 261/EC/2023 
Опубликован 12.04.2023



Elina Ishmukhametova, Marina Sandomirskaia "The Problem Of Reputation Reliability In Online Freelance Markets", Series: Economics, WP BRP 260/EC/2023

Опубликован 20.02.2023

Altunina Anastasiia "Study-Work Trade-Off In Contests With Capacity-Constrained Students", Series: Economics, WP BRP 259/EC/2022 

Опубликован 27.12.2022

Dmitrii Tereshchenko "Competition among Russian Grocery Stores: Database on St. Petersburg, 2017–2021", Series: Economics, WP BRP 258/EC/2022

Опубликован 14.11.2022

Anton Galeev, Denis Melnik "Yuli Zhukovsky’s Proto-marginalism and its Origins", Series: Economics, WP BRP 257/EC/2022

Опубликован 19.07.2022

Vasily V. Gusev "The transversal value: stable coalition structures in the workgroup formation game and the game of chairpersons", Series: Economics, WP BRP 256/EC/2022 

Опубликован 29.06.2022

Galina Besstremyannaya, Sergei Golovan "Instrumental Variable Quantile Regression For Clustered Data", Series: Economics, WP BRP 255/EC/2022
Опубликован 14.06.2022

Veronika V. Matkovskaya, Dmitry A. Veselov "Welfare Convergence In Transition Economies", Series: Economics, WP BRP 254/EC/2022
Опубликован 04.04.2022


Ksenia Ladygina, "Predicting The Level Of Falsification Of Financial Statements In Russian Manufacturing Enterprises In 2012–2019", Series: Economics, WP BRP 253/EC/2022 
Опубликован 14.02.2022



Ksenia V. Rozhkova, Natalya Yemelina, Sergey Yu. Roshchin "Can Non-Cognitive Skills Explain The Gender Wage Gap In Russia? An Unconditional Quantile Regression Approach", Series: Economics, WP BRP 252/EC/2021
Опубликован 07.10.2021



Fernanda Ricotta, Victoria Golikova, Boris Kuznetsov "The Role Of CEO Characteristics In Firm Innovative Performance: A Comparative Analysis Of EU Countries And Russia", Series: Economics, WP BRP 251/EC/2021
Опубликован 17.09.2021



Alexandra Pripadcheva, Dmitry Veselov "Social Mobility And Preferences For Open Access Societies", Series: Economics, WP BRP 250/EC/2021

Опубликован 01.09.2021



Somouaoga Bonkoungou, Alexander Nesterov "Incentives In Matching Markets: Counting And Comparing Manipulating Agents", Series: Economics, WP BRP 249/EC/2021
Опубликован 05.07.2021



Ruslan Shavshin, Marina Sandomirskaia "Price Competition In Finite Markets With A Rare Good And Private Consumer Valuations", Series: Economics, WP BRP 248/EC/2021
Опубликован 05.07.2021



Vasily V. Gusev "Set-weighted games and their application to the cover problem", Series: Economics, WP BRP 247/EC/2021 
Опубликован 23.06.2021



Mariia A. Elkina "Financial Repression And Transmission Of Macroeconomic Shocks In A DSGE Model With Financial Frictions" , Series: Economics, WP BRP 246/EC/2021
Опубликован 26.04.2021


VasilyV.Gusev "Cooperative Congestion Games" , Series: Economics, WP BRP 245/EC/2021 
Опубликован 23.04.2021

Оригинал статьи, опубликован в журнале Optimization Letters в январе 2021 года.



Andrey A. Gnidchenko, Vladimir A. Salnikov "Trade Intensity, Net Trade, and Revealed Comparative Advantage", Series: Economics, WP BRP 244/EC/2021
Опубликован 06.04.2021



Sergey Pekarski, Anna Sokolova "Default Costs And Self-Fulfilling Fiscal Limits In A Small Open Economy", Series: Economics, WP BRP 243/EC/2021 
Опубликован 18.02.2021



Ksenia V. Rozhkova, Sergey Yu. Roshchin, Ya. M. Roshchina "Do non-cognitive skills matter for alcohol consumption? Evidence from Russia", Series: Economics, WP BRP 242/EC/2021 
Опубликован 18.01.2021



Hippolyte Weneyam Balima, Anna Sokolova "IMF Programs And Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis", Series: Economics, WP BRP 241/EC/2020 
Опубликован 31.12.2020



Sergey Yu. Roshchin, Natalya K. Yemelina "Gender Differentiation In Wages In Kazakhstan", Series: Economics, WP BRP 240/EC/2020
Опубликован 17.12.2020



Sergey Kichko, Pierre M. Picard "On The Effects Of Income Heterogeneity In Monopolistically Competitive Markets", Series: Economics, WP BRP 239/EC/2020
Опубликован 09.12.2020



Tommaso Agasisti, Aleksei Egorov, Pavel Serebrennikov "How Do The Characteristics Of The Environment Influence University Efficiency? Evidence From A Conditional Efficiency Approach", Series: Economics, WP BRP 238/EC/2020
Опубликован 09.12.2020


Ekaterina A. Aleksandrova, Venera I. Bagranova, Christopher J. Gerry "The Effect Of Health Shocks On Labour Market Outcomes In Russia", Series: Economics, WP BRP 237/EC/2020
Опубликован 10.11.2020



Stanislav Avdeev "Zero Returns To Higher Education: Evidence From A Natural Experiment", Series: Economics, WP BRP 236/EC/2020 
Опубликован 22.09.2020 



Tran Lam Anh Duong, Ivan Deseatnicov "Technology Level And The Global Value Chain", Series: Economics, WP BRP 235/EC/2020 
Опубликован 26.08.2020 



Somouaoga Bonkoungou, Alexander Nesterov"Reforms Meet Fairness Concerns In School And College Admissions", Series: Economics, WP BRP 234/EC/2020
Опубликован 30.07.2020 



Aleksey Oshchepkov,Anna Shirokanova "Multilevel Modeling for Economists: Why, When and How", Series: Economics, WP BRP 233/EC/2020
Опубликован 29.06.2020

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Май 2022 



Hartmut Lehmann, Aleksey Oshchepkov, Maria Giulia Silvagni "Regional Convergence In Russia: Estimating A Neoclassical Growth Model", Series: Economics, WP BRP 232/EC/2020 
Опубликован 14.06.2020



Aleksey L. Chadov, Eygeniya A. Shenkman, Maria R. Temirkaeva "The Influence Of Individual Mobility On Consumer Choice: A Model Of Tariff Change", Series: Economics, WP BRP 231/EC/2020
Опубликован 25.05.2020


Dmitri A. Trifonov "Political Connections Of Russian Corporations: Blessing Or Curse?", Series: Economics, WP BRP 230/EC/2020
Опубликован 27.04.2020



Zaruhi Hakobyan "Can A Social Planner Manipulate Network Dynamics And Solve Coordination Problems?", Series: Economics, WP BRP 229/EC/2020 
Опубликован 27.04.2020



Maksim Anisimov "Forecasting the term structure in emerging markets using extensions of the dynamic Nelson-Siegel model", Series: Economics, WP BRP 228/EC/2020 
Опубликован 21.04.2020



Zaruhi Hakobyan, Christos Koulovatianos "Populism And Polarization In Social Media Without Fake News: The Vicious Circle Of Biases, Beliefs And Network Homophily", Series: Economics, WP BRP 227/EC/2020
Опубликован 07.04.2020



Tommaso Agasisti, Aleksei Egorov, Margarita Maximova "Do Merger Policies Increase University Efficiency? Evidence From A Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design", Series: Economics, WP BRP 226/EC/2020
Опубликован 24.03.2020


John V.C. Nye, Cheryl Litman, Maksym Bryukhanov, Sergiy Polyachenko "The Universal Link between Higher Education and Pro-Market Values", Series: Economics, WP BRP 225/EC/2020
Опубликован 24.03.2020



Tommaso Agasisti, Ekaterina Shibanova "Autonomy Performance And Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis Of Russian Universities 2014-2018", Series: Economics, WP BRP 224/EC/2020
Опубликован 13.03.2020


Inna Zaytseva, Daniil Shaposhnikov "Moneyball In Offensive Vs Defensive Actions In Soccer", Series: Economics, WP BRP 223/EC/2020
Опубликован 14.02.2020

Somouaoga Bonkoungou, Alexander Nesterov "Comparing School Choice And College Admission Mechanisms By Their Immunity To Strategic Admissions", Series: Economics, WP BRP 222/EC/2020 

Опубликован 27.01.2020

Tommaso Agasisti, Ekaterina Abalmasova, Ekaterina Shibanova, Aleksei Egorov "The Causal Impact Of Performance-Based Funding On University Performance: Quasi-Experimental Evidence From A Policy In Russian Higher Education", Series: Economics, WP BRP 221/EC/2019 
Опубликован 22.10.2019

Timur Natkhov, Natalia Vasilenok "Technology Adoption In Agrarian Societies: The Effect Of Volga Germans In Imperial Russia", Series: Economics, WP BRP 220/EC/2019
Опубликован 11.09.2019

Nikolai Bazenkov, Elena Glamozdina, Maria Kuznetsova, Marina Sandomirskaia "Price Dispersion In Internet Sales: Data From An Online Marketplace Contradict Lab Experiments", Series: Economics, WP BRP 219/EC/2019 

Опубликован 24.07.2019

Andrey A. Gnidchenko "Structural Transformation and Quality Ladders: Solving the “Theil's Cube”, Series: Economics, WP BRP 218/EC/2019
Опубликован 11.07.2019

Dmitry Veselov "Crony Capitalism As An Electoral Outcome", Series: Economics, WP BRP 217/EC/2019 
Опубликован 02.07.2019

Dmitry Dagaev, Egor Stoyan "Parimutuel Betting On The Esports Duels: Reverse Favourite-Longshot Bias And Its Determinants", Series: Economics, WP BRP 216/EC/2019 (PDF, 398 Кб) 
Опубликован 26.06.2019

Bas Dietzenbacher, Elena Yanovskaya "Consistency Of The Equal Split-Off Set", Series: Economics, WP BRP 215/EC/2019 
Опубликован 24.06.2019

 Eugenia Chernina "Natural Shocks And Migration Decisions: The Case Of Kyrgyzstan", Series: Economics, WP BRP 214/EC/2019

Опубликован 20.02.2019

 Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Leonid E. Limonov, Sofie R. Waltl "Housing Rent Dynamics And Rent Regulation In St. Petersburg (1880-1917)", Series: Economics, WP BRP 213/EC/2019

Опубликован 14.02.2019



 Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Mariia A. Maksimova "How Does Subway And Ground Transit Proximity Affect Rental Prices?", Series: Economics, WP BRP 212/EC/2019
Опубликован 14.02.2019


 Ilya Stepanov, Johan Albrecht "Decarbonization And Energy Policy Instruments In The Eu: Does Carbon Pricing Prevail?", Series: Economics, WP BRP 211/EC/2019
Опубликован 14.02.2019


 Akan Kadyrbekov, Dmitry Veselov "Migration Of Russian Settlers And The Legacy Of Inter-Regional Development In Kazakhstan", Series: Economics, WP BRP 210/EC/2019
Опубликован 07.02.2019


 Maria Kravtsova, Aleksey Oshchepkov "Market And Network Corruption", Series: Economics, WP BRP 209/EC/2019
Опубликован 28.01.2019

 Victor Rudakov, Ilya Prakhov "Gender Wage Inequality In Russian Universities", Series: Economics, WP BRP 208/EC/2019

Опубликован 23.01.2019

 Roman N. Bozhya-Volya, Alina S. Rybak "Why Should Money Lose Value With Time: Boosting Economy In The Era Of E-Money", Series: Economics, WP BRP 207/EC/2019

Опубликован 18.01.2019


 Ekaterina Pyltsyna "The Change Of Fiscal Multiplier When Switching From Managed Exchange Rate Regime To The Floating One", Series: Economics, WP BRP 206/EC/2018

Опубликован 25.12.2018

 Ksenia V. Rozhkova, Sergey Yu. Roshchin, Sergey A. Solntsev "Wage Adjustment Policies In Russian Firms", Series: Economics, WP BRP 205/EC/2018

Опубликован 10.12.2018

 N. Aizenberg, I. Bykadorov, S. Kokovin "Optimal Reciprocal Import Tariffs Under Variable Elasticity Of Substitution", Series: Economics, WP BRP 204/EC/2018
Опубликован 27.11.2018

 Tommaso Agasisti, Aleksei Egorov, Daria Zinchenko, Oleg Leshukov, "Universities’ Efficiency And Regional Economic Short-Run Growth: Empirical Evidence From Russia", Series: Economics, WP BRP 203/EC/2018

Опубликован 22.11.2018


 Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Sebastian Kohl, Yulia Prozorova, Julien Licheron "Social policy or crowding-out? Tenant protection in comparative long-run perspective", Series: Economics, WP BRP 202/EC/2018

Опубликован 31.10.2018

 Tommaso Agasisti, Ekaterina Shibanova, Daria Platonova, Mikhail Lisyutkin "The Russian Excellence Initiative For Higher Education: An Econometric Evaluation Of Short-Term Results"
, Series: Economics, WP BRP 201/EC/2018

Опубликован 21.10.2018

 Evgeniy M. Ozhegov, Daria Teterina "The Ensemble Method For Censored Demand Prediction", Series: Economics, WP BRP 200/EC/2018

Опубликован 17.10.2018

 Igor Makarov, "Discrepancies Between Environmental Kuznets Curves For Production- And Consumption-Based Co2 Emissions", Series: Economics, WP BRP 199/EC/2018
Опубликован 02.10.2018

 Evgeniy M. Ozhegov, Alina Ozhegova "Segmentation of Theatre Audiences: A Latent Class Approach for Combined Data", Series: Economics, WP BRP 198/EC/2018
Опубликован 29.08.2018

 Natalia Vasilenok "What Drives the Private Provision of Security: Evidence from Russian Regions", Series: Economics, WP BRP 197/EC/2018

Опубликован 27.08.2018


 V. Gonharenko, D. Pokrovsky, S. Shapoval "The Stable Coexistence of Oligopolies and the Competitive Fringe", Series: Economics, WP BRP 196/EC/2018
Опубликован 25.07.2018


 Aleksei Yu. Kondratev, Alexander S. Nesterov "Random Paths to Popularity in Two-Sided Matching", Series: Economics, WP BRP 195/EC/2018

Опубликован 05.07.2018

 Aleksei Yu. Kondratev, Alexander S. Nesterov "Measuring Majority Tyranny: Axiomatic Approach", Series: Economics, WP BRP 194/EC/2018

Опубликован 05.07.2018

 David Dale, Andrei Sirchenko "Estimation of Nested and Zero-Inflated Ordered Probit Models", Series: Economics, WP BRP 193/EC/2018

Опубликован 30.05.2018

 Armin Seibert, Andrei Sirchenko, Gernot Müller "A Model for Policy Interest Rates", Series: Economics, WP BRP 192/EC/2018
Опубликован 10.05.2018 

 Toshitaka Gokan, Sergey Kichko, Jacques-François Thisse"How Do Trade and Communication Costs Shape the Spatial Organization Of Firms?", Series: Economics, WP BRP 191/EC/2018

Опубликован 27.04.2018 


 Sergey Kichko "Competition, Land Price, and City Size", Series: Economics, WP BRP 190/EC/2018

Опубликован 25.04.2018


 Homayoon Moradi, Alexander Nesterov "Moral Wiggle Room Reverted: Information Avoidance is Myopic", Series: Economics, WP BRP 189/EC/2018

Опубликован 25.04.2018


 Alexander V. Karpov "An Informational Basis for Voting Rules", Series: Economics, WP BRP 188/EC/2018

Опубликован 04.04.2018

 Sergey Kichko, Pierre M. Picard "Heterogeneity in Conformism, Firm Selection, and Home Bias", Series: Economics, WP BRP 187/EC/2018
Опубликован 27.03.2018


 Ekaterina Aleksandrova, Kristian Behrens, Maria Kuznetsova "Manufacturing (Co)Agglomeration in a Transition Country: Evidence from Russia", Series: Economics, WP BRP 186/EC/2018

Опубликован 09.03.2018


 Kristian Behrens, Giordano Mion, Yasusada Murata, Jens Suedekum "Quantifying the Gap between Equilibrium and Optimum Under Monopolistic Competition", Series: Economics, WP BRP 185/EC/2018

Опубликован 07.03.2018

 Kristian Behrens, Yasusada Murata "On Quantitative Spatial Economic Models", Series: Economics, WP BRP 184/EC/2018

Опубликован 07.03.2018

 Ovanes Petrosian "About the Looking Forward Approach in Cooperative Differential Games with Transferable Utility", Series: Economics, WP BRP 183/EC/2018

Опубликован 26.02.2018


 Alexey Vasilenko "Should Monetary Authorities Prick Asset Price Bubbles? Evidence from a New Keynesian Model with an Agent-Based Financial Market", Series: Economics, WP BRP 182/EC/2017
Опубликован 20.11.2017


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Опубликован 20.11.2017


 Maksym Bryukhanov, Igor Fedotenkov "Religiosity and Life Satisfaction in Russia: Evidence from the Russian Data" ,Series: Economics, WP BRP 180/EC/2017

Опубликован 13.11.2017

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Опубликован 13.11.2017

 Roshchin, Pavel Travkin "Determinants of Job-Related Training in Enterprises: The Russian Case", Series: Economics, WP BRP 178/EC/2017
Опубликован 27.10.2017

 Anna A. Zudina "What Makes Youth Become NEET? The Evidence from Russian Lfs", Series: Economics, WP BRP 177/EC/2017

Опубликован 20.10.2017

This is Author’s Original Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Journal of Youth Studies on 07 May 2021, available here

 Sergey Kokovin, Mathieu Parenti, Jacques-François Thisse, Philip Ushchev "On the Dilution of Market Power", Series: Economics, WP BRP 176/EC/2017
Опубликован 18.10.2017


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Опубликован 10.10.2017


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Опубликован 14.09.2017

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Опубликован 22.08.2017

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Опубликован 08.08.2017


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Опубликован 08.08.2017

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Опубликован 19.07.2017


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Опубликован 17.07.2017


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Опубликован 26.06.2017

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Опубликован 17.03.2017

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Опубликован 14.07.2016

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View the article

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 Download PDF 
Опубликован 24.05.2012

Vladimir Gimpelson, Aleksey Oshchepkov "Does More Unemployment Cause More Fear of Unemployment?", Series: Economics, WP BRP 13/EC/2012
 Download PDF 
Опубликован 21.02.2012

 Israel Marques, Eugenia NazrullaevaAndrei Yakovlev "From Competition to Dominance: Political Determinations of Federal Transfers in Russian Federation", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 12/EC/2011  
 Download PDF 
Опубликован 29.12.2011

Victoria Golikova, Ksenia Gonchar, Boris Kuznetsov "Entry into Export Markets as an Incentive to Innovate. Evidence from the Russian Manufacturing Industry Survey", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 11/EC/2011   
 Download PDF   
Опубликован 27.12.2011

Elena Yanovskaya "Excess Values for Cooperative Games with Transferable Utilities and Double Consistent Allocation Methods", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 10/EC/2011
 Download PDF 
Опубликован 15.12.2011

Anna Lukiyanova "Effects of Minimum Wages on the Russian Wage Distribution", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 09/EC/2011
 Download PDF
 Опубликован 13.12.2011

Maarten Janssen, Alexei Parakhonyak "Sеrvice Refusal in Regulated Markets for Credence Goods", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 08/EC/2011   
 Download PDF 
Опубликован 11.12.2011

Edward F. Baranov, Igor A. Kim, Elena A. Staritsyna "Estimation of Russian Constant-Price Input-Output Accounts According to NACE/CPA", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 07/EC/2011  
 Download PDF 
Опубликован 06.12.2011

Nikolay Arefiev "Generalized Calvo Approach", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 06/EC/2011 
 Download PDF  
Опубликован 05.12.2011

Rinat Menyashev "Consumer Cooperatives and Liberal Idea In Russia", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 05/EC/2011
 Download PDF  
Опубликован 03.12.2011

Gaaitzen J. de Vries,   Abdul A. Erumban,   Marcel P. Timmer, Ilya B. Voskoboynikov, Harry X. Wu "Deconstructing The BRICs: Structural Transformation And Aggregate Productivity Growth", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 04/EC/2011  
 Download Working Paper
    Download Article in Press 
Опубликован 02.12.2011

Maarten Janssen, Alexei Parakhonyak "Price Mathing Guarantees and Consumer Search", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 03/EC/2011  
 Download PDF 
Опубликован 02.12.2011

Sergey V. Smirnov  "Those Unpredictable Recessions", Sеries: Economics WP BRP 02/EC/2011
 Download PDF 
Опубликован 30.11.2011

Anna Balsevich, Svetlana Pivovarova, Elena Podkolzina "Information Transparency in Public Procurement: How it Works in Russian Regions", Sеries: Economics, WP BRP 01/EC/2011    
 Download PDF  
Опубликован 13.10.2011

 Any opinions or claims contained in these Working Papers do not necessarily reflect the views of HSE 

Andrei S. Akhremenko, Alexander P. Petrov,

Egor A. Yureskul


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